Chase Hall

The Journey of Backing up My Spotify Library

This was an incredibly frustrating thing to figure out. Basically I want to export my entire Spotify Library to a simple txt file. It turns out however, that it is very difficult to find a tool that works. Alas, I ended up finding one. It’s a python script that can be found here. The only thing it doesn’t do is export your saved songs, so make sure to throw those in a playlist. (Ctrl+A in your library, right click then new playlist.) I have to now go through 3,000 songs! What fun. /s Now I get to go on the very exciting journey of manually finding 3,000 songs worth of music for my local library. You might be asking, why would I need to do this? Spotify is great! Well, it is, until you find out it has glaring security problems.

“Spotify can tell whether users are happy or sad, based on what they listen to. It will use that data to manipulate them. The data will sooner or later be combined with other personal data, to control people according to the corporate will.”

Richard Stallman,

Frankly, I just do not want to deal with a service that tracks my movement speed, among other problems.

So, I will be gladly cancelling my Spotify account and I encourage you to join me.